I am Head of the Department ArtEZ MediaMusic in The Netherlands. This is a higher education music production program for producers, composers , songwriter and  el.artists (DJ's). Alumni are working in the top of the industry, such as making compositions for Hollywood blockbusters.  And beside that I am educational counsellor for national and international projects.  

 In the past I did many various things beside teaching, such as performing, composing and producing classical-, avantgarde-, jazz-, pop- and electronic music. I released the first interactive CD with own compositions and productions in the Netherlands. And published also music books. And so on.

My main goal is to innovate and develop art & technology education so as to offer the best possible higher education to young and ambitious people. My focus is music production and composition with new media.

Peter Leutscher 



Want to become a music producer, DJ, film / game composer, songwriter or an electronic artist?

Discover the MediaMusic programme at the ArtEZ School of Music in Enschede. 
MediaMusic is an innovative music production program in Europe and part of the largest art institute in the Netherlands: ArtEZ. With its five studios, foleystage, live rooms and concert halls, the studio complex is unique in Europe. This also applies to our cooperation with the Popacademy and international masterminds of the creative industry. Students who were coached by Peter are now working at an international level, e.g. MegaMind (Hans Zimmer), Unheilig (number 1 hits), several EA games.


Music Producer for the Media

Composer for Film and Games

Electronic Artist (DJ) and Producer

Producer for Bands and Artists



Audio Engineering

Sound Design

Music Business


Instrumental / Vocal performance

After Graduation

  • After graduation, you will be able work across the creative industries – as a specialist or as a broadly-trained music and technical professional.


Testimonials at the international conference “Entrepreneurship in Music – Between Artistic Autonomy and Economic Reality” in Oslo, Noorwegen

  • "Wow"

    • Dr. Nick Wilson King's College London,
  • "The most inspiring and relevant presentation of this symposium"
    • Norwegian Academy of Music,
  • "This could be a model for other conservatory"

    • Carsten Winter Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media
Other Testimonials
  • "This is the most serious curriculum for such program that I have ever seen"

    • Michael Thaut PhD Administrative Director, School of the Arts Professor of Music - Professor of Neuroscience - Scientific Director, Center for Biomedical Research in Music Colorado State University Fort Collins CO
  • " I was very impressed by your working environment, your passion and your initiatives.

  • I think that ArtEZ shouldbe proud to have teachers and managers like you!"
    • Borislav Slavov (Gamecomposer Crysis 2 en 3)
  • “I found your presentation of the ArtEZ education model truly inspiring and
  • I congratulate you on the pioneering work you are doing to empower learning!”

  • Angela Myles Beeching, Beyond Talent Consulting The Professional Musician’s Roadmap - New York  www.angelabeeching.com


A more formal approach to such entrepreneurial skill building was strongly evident in the presentation made by Peter Leutscher, Head of MediaMusic, and Davy De Wit, Head of the Pop Music Academy, from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in the Netherlands. It is an Academy devoted to contemporary music as defined by the more established programs at Berklee and the Thornton School at USC that includes in its curriculum film scoring, music production, song writing, technology/production and contemporary performance but also includes classical music.

There, entrepreneurship is not taught per se, it is part of every day thinking and the students are expected to have this mindset from the very beginning.

From the amazing videos (See video above of Mandrake’s Music “Silhouette” and below, “Snapshots of Eternity” ) they shared you could see that there was absolutely nothing that would give the impression of what Nick Wilson called a “slow burning crisis.” Rather, this was technology in service to an artistry that thrills and delights with its bursting energy and confidence.

Students here have a different relationship with their education and they are far more in charge and in control working with teachers as facilitators rather than the protectors of some type of musical Holy Grail.